2017 ASAN Scholarship Application

Scholarship application deadline is Monday, November 13, 2017. We will notify recipients within a week following the deadline. Please double check that you enter your phone number and email correctly, so we can contact you.

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We have a limited budget for scholarships. If you're able to pay part of your own registration, it will enable us to stretch our dollars further and help more people attend the Forum.

Scholarships will be granted based on a combination of factors, accounting for need, potential food system development/benefit, and overall diversity (ethnicity/race, geographic, professional, and otherwise) of Forum participants.

If you have any questions, please contact alice@asanonline.org or 256-743-0742.

ASAN is committed to doing as much as we possibly can, with the resources we have. Scholarship applicants are also encouraged to explore other forms of potential community support: will your organization, business, faith community, or a local civic group sponsor you to attend, if you offer to share what you learn with the group when you return? Get creative!