The criteria for membership is simple:

  1. Agree to our core beliefs

    • that a resilient food system is just, intergenerational, ecologically regenerative, centered around those who work the land, and rooted in community

  2. Make a personally significant financial contribution to ASAN


Financial Inclusicity

We ask our members to make a personally significant financial contribution to ASAN instead of asking for fixed membership dues. We recognize that this contribution looks different for each member depending on class and access to wealth. Some members may pay $5, $10, or $50 a month, while those with less access to wealth may pay $2 a year and those with more access to wealth could pay $1,000 or $5,000 a year. We structure membership this way because we know that we need everybody in order to forge a truly inclusive movement.


Since 2001, ASAN has provided farmer-led training, resources, and a community of support for a growing number of sustainable farmers throughout Alabama. Our members are farmers, educators, business owners, and advocates who share a commitment to building a resilient food system. Without our members, ASAN would not be what we are, could not do what we do. From the cropfield to the kitchen table to the statehouse, if you have a stake in improving our state's food system, join ASAN today.

ASAN's work is guided by the idea that, by bringing folks together, building community, and empowering people with knowledge and opportunities, we will find that we already have all we need to truly revolutionize Alabama's food system. Every person that signs up to be a member--that sows into our organization their money, time, expertise, and other resources--gets us that much closer to a resilient agriculture system in Alabama.

ASAN is a grassroots nonprofit, and direct support from our members is our lifeblood. It allows us to have a truly independent voice, to be both flexible and resilient, and to respond directly to the needs and passions of those who make us up. If you believe in our values and vision, please become a member today. Membership is good for one year, on a rolling basis.


First-time Membership Sign Up
The base membership fee is $25 however, any contribution made is considered a membership due. Please contribute what you can.
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To be a member of ASAN, you must both make a donation to our organization and believe in our values. We believe that a resilient agriculture system is just, intergenerational, ecologically regenerative, rooted in community, and centered around those who work the land
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